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Kelly Hand

Cornucopia Event Director

Kelly Hand is a creative producer and event engineer, living in Whistler and reveling in the power of food, wine, and celebration, to bring community together and inspire positive change.  She is the Event Director for Cornucopia, Whistler’s 20 year old festival of food and drink, a qualified yoga teacher, and an award-winning pickle maker.


With a career in graphic design and marketing at her back, Kelly loves to curate the kind of longtable experiences she remembers from her childhood– scalable gatherings that, no matter the size, are refreshing, welcoming and rooted in place, where the best ideas, people and harvests can be appreciated, and spun into amazing outcomes. She’s been called a rassembleur for her ability to make great things and people coalesce, and because of her French heritage (winemakers from Burgundy, no less), she can make that sound absolutely exquisite AND completely unpretentious at the same time.


Kelly spent two Olympic Games with the Canadian National Sailing team and as a world champion sailor and honoured member of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame, she enjoys the juxtaposition of this chapter of life dedicated to the mountains, her community, family, farming and wine. Find her on instagram @cornucopiawhistler and

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